Augmented Reality

Geplaatst: 21/02/2010 in Augmented Reality

While the world is changing, Augmented Reality (AR) is really help us to see the changing world in a different way.

I’m following the development of Augmented Reality since begin of 2009, where it still was at Level 1, but since the last couple of weeks I found more and more new nice evolutions of Augmented Reality, like the Recon Ski Goggle, so i decide to blog a little article about Augmented Reality. I really think this kind of technology will help change the world very fast.

First I started to test the Marked AR solutions like Zugara Social Shopping solution.

After I saw a lot of the same kind solutions, I find the Markless AR solution, like the LAYAR in the iPhone. Within the Netherlands I think the Funda LAYAR solution is a nice one.

Where almost ever AR solution is used by customers, there are some great business solutions like the BMW solution for engineers. But also SAP got a nice Supply Chain Management AR solution for pickers (testing at Daimler).

If you search at “Augmented Reality” and the next words you will find a lot of nice solutions (search at youtube):





I also like the new development of Microsoft’s Bing Maps solution which is demonstrated in the next video:

But as I mentioned, you have to see the new Ski Goggle from Recon:

This is really a product I like. If this product can integrate with Bing Maps so I can see in my goggle where my ski-buddie is, it would really be great. It even would be greater if in the goggle is a little camera so friends can see live at Bing Maps where I’m skiing, with the same view as I have.


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